Professional training

A career in Scuba Diving

Achieving the Professional Qualification of SSI Dive Guide, SSI Dive Master, SSI Dive Control Specialist opens the doorway to a fantastic career in exotic locations!

But getting there, can seem very intimidating.

We are here to help!  Every year, divers enroll on our professional courses, some with absolutely no dive experience at all, and successfully graduate and go on to enjoy a great career, doing something they love!

Meltemi is different

A professional student at Meltemi gains valuable ‘hands-on’ experience by working, under the guidance of their instructor, with real students from day one. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can replace real-life on-the-job internship training.  If you want to be one the best dive professionals in the World, then this is the place to come.

Prepared for the future-Professional training

Without fail, every one of our professional students, who move up the ladder to become fully-fledged instructors, start their Instructor Training Course with the knowledge, experience and confidence to pass their Instructor Exams with ease. There is no substitute for experience, and this reflected by the jobs that our students have subsequently gone into.

Don’t take our word for it

We are very proud of what we offer, and how we present it – but don’t just take our word for it… we will gladly introduce you online to our past students, at all levels, and you will be able to question them first hand and get the full picture of life at Meltemi Dive!


We offer free professional training and materials, but you work with us up to three months to gain the diving and customer experience and log your pre-requisite dives for your training. This is a unique programme in Europe and in 2014 we issued twenty-three professional certifications with this programme.

The programme includes unlimited dives from beach and boat, including all of our great dive sites, and even night dives. You will be working with ‘real’ customers from day one, and have a personalised training programme created for you that includes daily progress reviews.


Unable to find the time or commitment for an Internship-style programme?

No problem!

Our successful style of training can also be applied to a FAST TRACK programme, allowing you to climb the ladder far more quickly, without sacrificing the quality of your training.
In this case the programme is not offered for free.
To enroll on this personalised programme, you must first send an email to us, including your CV (ensuring you include all of your diving experience), along with your expectations and deadlines.  Not sure what to include?  That’s cool – it’s what we are here for…
email us on